A review of albert camus story the stranger

On their return they encounter Salamano, his curmudgeonly old neighbour who has lost his abused and disease-riddled dog, who is maintaining his usual spiteful and uncaring attitude for the dog. Other instances are shown.

Everyone should read The Stranger from older teens on up. The novel is not contrived: His sense of responsibility is so pitifully weak that only thought is that he will not tell a lie to save himself and pretend to feel remorse or play along with the system.

In the second part of the novel, we find Mersault incarcerated and the subject of a circus-of-a-trial. Although Meursault's attorney defends him and later tells Meursault that he expects the sentence to be light, Meursault is alarmed when the judge informs him of the final decision: Here was one man who lived according to his terms, though his actions were deplorable, his thought processes, irrational.

The second half of The Stranger follows Meursault as he experiences the legal system for the first time.

Book Review: The Stranger by Albert Camus

Meursault has put his finger to the pulse of society, and perceived its true face, how much it hates the solitude of any one person. Raymond and Meursault seem to develop a bond, and he testifies for Meursault during his trial.

For Raymond, Meursault agrees to write a letter to his girlfriend, with the sole purpose of inviting her over so that Raymond can have sex with her but spit in her face at the last minute as emotional revenge. It is the absurdity of human conventions that has us doing such things. The law, not being philosophical, can only give one verdict.

Okay, so it is black humour, but Camus was more or less French — so black humour is more or less obligatory.

The Stranger

He pushes Meursault to tell the truth, but the man resists. While the crime was not premeditated, his lack of motive only served as proof of his unacceptable character and his obvious guilt. Outwardly an average young man, he shows no grief at the funeral, he seems disconnected from the entire event: I had gotten the distinct impression from all of my previous discussions about this book that the guy ends up dead.

The Outsider by Albert Camus – review

Later, Meursault walks back along the beach alone, now armed with a revolver which he took from Raymond to prevent him from acting rashly.

The wondrous peace of that sleeping summer flowed through me like a tide. Part 2[ edit ] Meursault is now incarcerated, and explains his arrest, time in prison, and upcoming trial.

In her much-anticipated book, Looking for the Stranger, Alice Kaplan, a professor of French at Yale, embarks on a fascinating quest for the sources of Camus’s celebrated novel.

She hunts for clues, not only in the author’s notebooks and correspondence, but also in. Mar 05,  · Albert Camus is one of the most important literary figures in the 20th Century and I’m glad to have finally read one of his books. I still have The Plague to read and will do so later this year.

I won’t rate this story.

The Stranger

The Stranger by Albert Camus is a very short novel that can easily be read in an afternoon. However, digesting the content will certainly take much longer as this little novel raises serious questions about morality, society, justice, religion, and individuality.

The Stranger is recounted in first person is a very direct, no nonsense style.

Book Review: The Stranger by Albert Camus

The narrator is named Meursault and the story opens with him reading a. The Stranger is the perfect novel to prove the insanity of normality. When you can find nothing in life to excite you, scare you, challenge you, life seems meaningless to live. Albert Camus perfectly captures the deadly dilemma of living the life of a sociopath.

The Stranger is a novel by Albert Camus that was first published in Albert Camus, right, with the actors Jean-Louis Barrault and María Casares in Paris, October Photograph: Sipa Press/Rex Features "A ujourd'hui, maman est morte.

A review of albert camus story the stranger
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