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It is more than a musical, it's a cultural phenomenon. It is colourful yet dingy, fortissimo yet gentle, poignant yet toughened — exactly what Les Mis should be really: Matt Lucas, in a slightly leftfield casting choice, is surprisingly entertaining as the roguish Thernadier.

Caissie Levy makes a poignant Fantine At the same time, the simplified staging works against the show by further exposing the thinness of the writing James as leads can do no wrong - and the clever sets, superb lighting and moving projections highlight a creative team fully embracing Victor Hugo's epic novel about good and evil, revolution and romance, in 19th-century France Les Mis, as it's affectionately called, has run continuously in London since and toured globally.

The highlight of his performance, and perhaps the production as a whole, is Mr. I would definitely regard Les Miserables as being my favourite musical, so just to see it performed is amazing enough.

And here, the voices and look of the show wonderfully match. Sure, there's no disguising the Cliffs Notes feel of the adaptation. So just go ahead and beat a path to it. He lived up this high standard, with Stars being one of the stand out moments of the show for me.

By the way, there is no such thing as libretto here, there is only a plot, because the English version that is the most well-known to the audience, is a sing-through, and never spoken.

But the inbuilt emotional sensations of the show are what matter. The three-month engagement sold out, and reviews improved. Most of "Dog Eats Dog" has been cut. The rest of the cast is mostly solid The spirit of Fantine appears to him and tells him that he has been forgiven and will soon be with God.

The scream alerts Valjean, who believes that the intruder was Javert. The music is out of this world, the singing is almost universally phenomenal and the setting of the O2 is suitably grand.

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Other outstanding actors in the performance were Samuel Edwards, playing Enjolras. The army gives a final warning, but the rebels fight to the last man with Enjolras exhorting "Let others rise to take our place, until the Earth is free. A Broadway revival opened in at the Broadhurst Theatre and closed inand a second Broadway revival opened in at the Imperial Theatre and closed in September While a piano played in the background to guide them, they acted their songs instead of recording them months in advance and eventually lip-synching them to film.

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In any other musical, ask fans to name their favourite song, and they will usually all pick from the same few. While never claiming to be a first-rate singer, Lucas makes up for this by enjoying what obviously is a long leash given to him to put his own spin on the character, really hamming up the comical villainy and providing some genuine hilarity amongst all the weepies.

Was this review helpful. With apologies to Hugh Jackman, his may be the best sung, best acted Valjean I've ever seen.

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Earlier box office hits Moulin Rouge. Fantine is a single mother working in his factory, trying to support her daughter Cosettewho is being raised by an innkeeper and his wife while Fantine labors in the city. Will Swenson Priscilla Queen of the Desert has never sounded better as the by-the-book Inspector Javert, who has been chasing Valjean for decades, though his performance at times edges toward the bombastic Hathaway, as Fantine, is brilliant.

Apr 27,  · Les Miserables, New York City: Address, Phone Number, Les Miserables Reviews: 5/5. United States ; LES MISERABLES has returned to Broadway's Imperial Theatre in an acclaimed new production that has audiences leaping to their feet.

Les Mis is one of the best Broadway shows on Broadway. There is a reason it is revived over and Location: W 45th St, New York City, NY. Jan 03,  · Posted on January 3, by eliefares Tagged books France French Hollywood Les Miserables Movie movie reviews movies Musical novel Review reviews Victor Hugo Comments19 Comments on Les Misérables [] – Movie Review If you’d enjoy it as a musical concert, you’d enjoy the movie.

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Les Mis reminds us that, although revolution may be heavily romanticised in popular culture, it is both a concept and an action that has led to the loss of many lives. Audience Reviews for Les. Quite simply, Les Miserables is magnificent The theatre, front of house staff, facilities and view, staging, lighting, musical score and performance by the whole company faultless, as previous reviewers have stated the audience can prepare themselves for laughter, tears and amazement.

BWW Review: LES MISERABLES by Broadway Across Canada Left Me With a Heart Full of Love by Vicki Trask - July 19, There is a reason that Les Miserables is the longest running musical of all time. Nov 20,  · It was a total honor and pleasure to read this manga based on one of the most famous stories of all time, Les Miserables.

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Concert review les mis
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