Guidelines for writing a literature review

The resources studied can be journal articles, books, and online sources. To ensure that no important points escape your attention, note down all major points as you read the sources. It should not be a simple summary of what others have published regarding the subject.

Definitions of key terms and concepts. And to make the writing process carefree and simple for you, below we have gathered some of the most effective literature review guidelines that should come in handy for you.

This will help to make the literature review appropriate and valid. The literature review should be based on having high levels of objectivity and neutrality. The critical evaluation of the research is important because it can help in organizing the material according to the issues.

Guidelines to Write the Literature Review

Proofread your review to make the necessary corrections Take a fresh look at your text to identify and eliminate any errors that you may have done or adjust any aspects that you have previously missed.

This can then be exported into a Microsoft Word document. The rule of the thumb here is to include only those sources which are relevant to the field of study and the topic you have chosen. It is not as difficult as it appears.

Usually, this paper is a part of a larger project like a dissertation or thesis. However, if the purpose of your review is to lay a strong foundation for your research, you should narrow down the areas you want to focus on.

Once again, it's useful to enter this information into your RefWorks record. The aim of a literature review is to summarize and synthesize published information on a specific field.

Guidelines to Write the Literature Review

You should make a new outline if you feel that there is no clarity or focus in the review. Your analysis can make generalizations across a majority of studies, but should also note inconsistencies across studies and over time. What are trying to find out. Writing the Review Before writing the review, you should start searching for scholarly sources that are related to your topic or research.

You should start looking at theory, methodology, policy, and other important areas that will help in writing the literature review. Another important goal should be to focus on demonstrating how the study is related to the literature in general. The literature review can be a part of the dissertation or it can be an isolated assignment which might be asked to test your ability to read and comment on a wide range of research resources.

Identify major trends or patterns: You should not simply write the summary of one article and follow it by another summary. The literature review layout should be clear and precise in order to provide information to the reader.

Provide closure so that the path of the argument ends with a conclusion of some kind. Learning & Advising Center Philadelphia University GUIDELINES FOR WRITING A LITERATURE REVIEW IN LIBERAL ARTS AND ARCHITECTURE COURSES PURPOSE: a literature review provides a scholarly context for the argument you propose and support in your paper.

A well-written literature review analyzes intellectual advances in the field and identifies the major gaps in the existing janettravellmd.comg a concise literature review takes considerable effort, but there are several guidelines which make the process less strenuous.5/5().

Guidelines For Writing A Literature Review - Chapter Two Of Research Project A literature review is a common genre for many types of writing you’ll have to. GUIDELINES FOR WRITING A LITERATURE REVIEW CONTENTS Introduction The Objectives of a Literature Review Examples of Proper Literature Reviews Example #1: A Brief Section of a Literature Review.

How to draft a literature review? In this article you can find answers to this question. We prepared a full list of steps for writing an excellent literature review with practical tips and give.

Description: Writing a literature review consists of a number of steps. To ensure that an outstanding literature review is written, make sure that you follow this structure.

Guidelines for writing a literature review
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Guidelines for writing a literature review